Friday, 16 January 2015


So I Buried Records will release a new exclusive recording, a live album by DRUGON, composed by Mani Neumeier (Guru Guru), Keiichi Miyashita (Mandog) and Takayuki Enomoto (ex. Mandog), in march 2015, and to celebrate the release, a launch event will be held in japan on the release date. it's only limited to 300 copies.

you can listen to a few tracks from the album from the links below:


DRUGON are a psychedelic rock band composed by Mani Neumeier, the leader of one of the most important Krautrock bands, Guru Guru, and a member of Acid Mothers Guru Guru, as a drummer, Mandog's Keiichi Miyashita, a guitarist of Damo Suzuki (ex. Can) and a member of Godman, which was formed by Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple), as a guitarist, and Takayuki Enomoto, a former member of Mandog, as a bassist.
in 2004, Miyashita and Enomoto joined Mani Neumeier's japan tour after they were asked by the promoter of the tour, Captain Trip Records. after that, Neumeier asked them to play live together again as a result of performing well while on tour, leading them to form DRUGON. they performed live at several places including Tokyo Tower's Wax Museum, which was popular for its impressive collection of Krautrock waxworks including Mani Neumeier, himself. in march 2014, during Mani Neumeier's japan tour, DRUGON resumed being active for the first time in 9 years to prepare for this first ever release.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

first ever so i buried in japan

all the photos were taken by Hajime Kato

first ever so i buried show in japan was held at an art studio in yokohama last month. thank you very much to the bands playing at the night, all the people coming down to the show and all the artists using the studio.

so i buried presents
No Tokyo vol. 00
venue: Qgekijo
bands: Furrowumez
date: 28 Aug 2014

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

furrow japan tour

イギリス、イングランド中部、West Feltonを拠点に活動している、2ピース・ローファイバンド、FURROWの日本ツアーをオーガナイズさせて頂きました。


FURROWは、イギリス、イングランド中部の小さな村、West Feltonを拠点に、Richard CartwrightとThom Snellから結成された2ピース・ローファイバンド。
音源はセルフリリースを続けてきたが、アメリカ、サンディエゴ拠点のレコードレーベル、Bleeding Gold Recordsからデビューレコード、“West Felton”を今年8月にリリース予定。

20日(水) 大宮 / Hisomine

open 18.00 / start 1830
tickets: adv. 1,500 yen / door 2,000 yen
live: FURROW / BOYS AGE / ドミコ / desksnail

22日(金) 東京 / 下北沢Circus

open / start 19.00
tickets: 1,500 yen live: FURROW / Groves / Harps djs: Kana & Marina(Twee Grrrls Club)

23日(土) 東京 / 落合Soup

Rhyming Slang at Ochiai Soup open / start 19.00 
tickets: adv. 2,000 yen / door 2,500 yen live: FURROW / Leather (DYGL) / Batman Winks / the piqnic djs: Daizo (Sound Of Rain) / Sue (Rhyming Slang)

24日(日) 浜松 / Zoot Horn Rollo

open 17.30 / start 18.00
tickets: 1,500 yen
live: FURROW / マッスルNTTなどズ / bokugo / jud yulkut
djs: hirano (POP TONES) / slim (Jesus stole my girl friend)

25日(月) 大阪 / 梅田Hard Rain

open 18.30 / start 19.00
tickets: adv. 1,800 yen / door 2,300 yen
live: FURROW / 東音火 / アノランペ / 二十人 / 幣Band

26日(火) 大阪 / Common Cafe

FURROW JAPAN TOUR with CHECHE & My Cake Your Nerds
open 20.00 / start 20.30
tickets: adv. 1,000 yen
live: FURROW / CHECHE / My Cake Your Nerds

27日(水) 名古屋 / K.Dハポン

open 18.30 / start 19.00

tickets: adv. 2,000 yen / door 2,500 yen
live: FURROW / テトペッテンソン / TigerMoss

28日(木) 横浜 / TBA

Monday, 18 August 2014

stockists of sib004

there're not many copies of the split album by Grimm Grimm and TAPERS left. please get one now if you want one.

in the uk, Norman Records is the only record shop selling the copies. please buy one from here


- お茶の水駅前店
- 新宿本館BF 日本のロック・インディーズ館
- 下北沢店
- 吉祥寺店
- 町田店
- 北浦和店
- 高田馬場店
- 池袋店
- 渋谷中古センター